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Tuesday, March 24, 2015
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The quartet debuts a whole new sound in its hometown.

The Dali Quartet is coming home and making its Philadelphia Chamber Music Society debut, teaming up with one of the Philadelphia Orchestra's star musicians for an afternoon of music inspired by the performers' Latin roots.

"The Dali quartet performs all over the world but happens to call Philadelphia their home. So here they are in our backyard, a wonderful ensemble, that brings a lot of different elements to their playing, which is unique for a string quartet," says Miles Cohen, Artistic Director of the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society

On stage, they will be joined by Philadelphia Orchestra principal clarinetist Ricardo Morales, who has more in common with the quartet than just shared musical passion.

"He's also related to the cellist in the quartet, Jesus Morales," says Cohen, "they've played together many times so in many ways it's like getting together a large family."

The Dali quartet performs music from Spanish, South American, and Puerto Rican composers.

"They put together music that is, you could say, part of their heritage and partly music that they are really passionate about," says Cohen.

And while most PCMS concerts take place in the Kimmel Center, the Philadelphia Museum of Art plays host to this one, which will feature the US premiere of a new composition.

"It's a Puerto Rican composer whose name is Enrique Julia and he's written a clarinet quartet specifically for the musicians," says Cohen, "It has the musical element that makes it unique; there is an artist element that makes it unique."

Cohen adds one final note, "Take a chance. Come hear some chamber music that will probably be unlike any chamber music you've heard before."

The performance is Sunday April 12th at 3pm. For tickets go to