Confidence therapist shares tips on how to navigate dating, finding love in your 'second act'

ByNydia Han and Heather Grubola WPVI logo
Wednesday, October 4, 2023
How to navigate dating and finding love in your second act of life
Confidence therapist and dating coach Kimmy Seltzer shares tips on how to navigate dating and finding love over the age of 40.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- ABC's hit show "The Golden Bachelor" has certainly opened up talks about dating during your "sunset" years.

Gerry Turner, 72, is looking for love on a show like we've never seen before, with 22 women vying for his "Golden Bachelor" rose and perhaps inspiring others in their later years to find love again, too.

"If you are over the age of 40 and you're getting back out there and trying to date, this is what I call dating in the 'second act' because dating is different than when we were all in our 20s," said Kimmy Seltzer, dating strategist and confidence therapist.

Like Turner, many in their second act have already had long relationships, families, and full careers and what they want now doesn't necessarily look like it did when they were younger.

Seltzer, has advice for ladies and men in their second act.

"You have to be intentional in the way that you put yourself out there," she said.

To meet Mrs. or Mr. Right, take a class in something that interests you, try a dating app, and go to in-person events, not just singles events.

Be sure to do more than one type of thing and put yourself out there in a variety of ways to increase your chances of meeting someone. Also, work on your first impression.

"It only takes seven seconds now to make a first impression - that's all you got," said Seltzer.

Her biggest tip is: "Flirt, flirt, flirt," she said. "It's about being in the moment, being present and being playful."

She says remember this is your time.

"The only way to do that is to give yourself enough opportunity to pace things out. Get to know yourself, slow down and have fun, have fun, have fun," said Seltzer.

But as always, there are also red flags to keep in mind. One is watch for inconsistency.

"Both in communication and behavior, so they might say something does their behavior match with what they say as well," said Seltzer.

Also be wary of going too fast, too soon.

"Look out for people who want to lock you down too soon," she said.

And finally: "If you are going on date with someone and they can't stop talking about their ex or they feel like everything is a downer and they reap of negativity - that's a red flag," warned Seltzer.

Seltzer also says body language is important. Smile, make eye contact and notice who is noticing you.

Also, while it's easy to talk about the past, try to also bring into the conversation what you want for the future.