True Philadelphia Podcast explores cost of higher education

Matt O'Donnell Tackles the Exploding Cost of Higher Education and More in the True Philadelphia Podcast

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Monday, September 23, 2019
Latest True Philadelphia Podcast tackles cost of higher education
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Latest True Philadelphia Podcast tackles cost of higher education: as seen on Action News Mornings, September 23, 2019

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Dr. Donald Generals has been running the largest institution of higher learning in the city, Community College of Philadelphia, for five years now.

We gathered in Dr. General's office in the historic Mint Building (which was once the home of the Third Philadelphia Mint) to brainstorm about the state of higher learning.

In the episode we take a "deep dive" into the following issues:

Why college continues to be so expensive and outpace inflation.

If the wide availability of college loans has anything to do with the inflationary price.

How this generation of student is starting to seek more value in education.

A real example of comparing the cost of one year at Drexel University to an associate's degree at CCP.

If the "bumper sticker" mentality drives parents to choose their child's school.

Why CCP and other community colleges should be free.

How education is the latest industry to be disrupted by technology.

The importance of writing as a skill.

Why the next stage of disruption in education will be virtual reality and maybe even Tupac Shakur.

If we are forcing ourselves to entertain the current student generation too much.

The dangers of wasting your first two years in college.

"Snowplow parenting."

If teachers giving out too many A's.

How society should change the way it pays for public schools.

The greatest skill needed to succeed.

If we are starting to weigh analytics too much in any industry.

If Ivy League schools should eliminate the legacy admission.

The story of Temple University's first Rhodes Scholar, Hazim Hardeman.

How to motivate people to do something they may not necessarily want to do.

If it truly is lonely at the top and how to deal with that as a leader.

And the story of Dr. Generals' favorite teacher(s).

The episode was recorded on September 12, 2019 in the President's Office, Mint Building at the Community College of Philadelphia.

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