'Two Chicks in the Mix' to open wedding cake storefront in West Oakland

BySilvio Carrillo & Victoria Vallecorse Localish logo
Tuesday, March 15, 2022
Best friend bakers craft wedding cake masterpieces
These floral wedding cakes by Two Chicks in the Mix are almost too beautiful to eat.

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- BFF bakers Malaka Wilson-Greene and Erica Freeman create wedding cake masterpieces adorned with fresh flowers and unique designs. Their company, "Two Chicks in the Mix" makes good-for-you desserts that are a feast for the eyes.

When customers dive fork first into the aesthetic creations, they'll find wholesome ingredients, elegant flavor profiles, and thoughtfulness baked in.

Besties since high school, Malaka and Eric knew they wanted to become business owners together. In fact, before opening a bakery they almost entered into a completely different industry.

"Erica and I started the business almost 8 years ago after I came to her with the idea that we should sell clothing," explained Malaka. "Erica pooh-poohed that idea and said that we should bake instead."

The duo grew up baking with their family and decided to incorporate time-honored recipes into their California offerings. In addition to wedding cakes, Erica and Malaka craft seasonal pies, cupcakes, tarts, and more.

Two Chicks in the Mix operates in LA and the Bay Area with a storefront coming to West Oakland.

"We don't have any formal training in the industry, we've never ran businesses before," said Malaka. "So, I think we're both really proud of ourselves about how far we've come."

The co-founders not only hope to spread some sweetness but also inspire more Black bakers to launch their wedding cake businesses.

"Particularly in the wedding industry, we realized that there weren't that many Black chefs or Black bakers that were highlighted," said Erica. "We wanted to encourage other Black women or Black bakers, in general, to get into the industry."

To learn more and place an order, visit here.

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