LA's Union Station COVID-19 testing site to remain open despite 'She's All That' remake shoot

ByAlex Cheney WPVI logo
Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Union Station COVID-19 testing site to remain open despite film shoot
Union Station in downtown Los Angeles had been slated to close its popular COVID-19 testing site on Tuesday because of a scheduled film shoot but now will remain open.

LOS ANGELES, California -- A popular COVID-19 testing site in downtown Los Angeles will remain open after initially deciding to close for the film shoot of a remake to the '90s romantic comedy "She's All That."

Union Station had been slated to close its testing site on Tuesday because of the scheduled filming.

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the city worked with the testing company Curative and LA Metro transportation agency to reopen testing as scheduled.

There were 504 people scheduled for tests on Tuesday. At the same time, the downtown station was scheduled to be used as a location for a feature film shoot, with more than 170 casts and crew shooting interior and exterior scenes.

The shoot was for the film "He's All That,'' a movie inspired by 1999's "She's All That," which starred Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook. The gender-swapped remake features TikTok star Addison Rae, according to the L.A. Times, which cited the city and county's film office.

After the film permit was issued, Curative initially decided to shut down its testing site for the day.

FilmLA, the film office of the Greater Los Angeles Region, issued the permit, but said it and the production team behind the shoot were not aware that Union Station was being used as a COVID-19 testing site.

The organization said it was not involved in the decision to close the testing site and the production company did not request the site to be closed.

FilmLA said the production company reached out to the testing organization to see if accommodations could be made for both the film shoot and testing to occur.

Just after midnight, Garcetti announced the site would remain open.

The mayor noted there are 14 testing sites in Los Angeles where some 38,000 tests are available every day. The city has administered more than 2.5 million free tests since the start of the pandemic.