4th grade student speaks out about offensive homework question

MURRAY, Utah (WPVI) -- A fourth-grader in Utah refused to answer a math question because she says it was rude.

The math problem, which is part of the curriculum provided by Eureka Math, asked students to compare girls' weights.

Rhythm Pacheco circled the question and wrote, "What! This is offensive! Sorry, I won't write this, it's rude."

Her mom says she fully supports that.

"It was comparing girls' weight. It says, the table to the right shows the weight of three grade-four students, how much heavier is Isabell than the lightest student," said Naomi Pacheco.

"I thought it was offensive. Girls shouldn't be comparing each other, and I know it was a math problem, but I didn't think that was really okay," Rhythm says.

Naomi says it's an irresponsible way to teach children how to do math.

The school was responsive, and says they've never had an issue with the questions from Eureka Math before.
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