Valley Township Police Chief Takes It Upon Himself to Make Amazon Deliveries

VALLEY TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- The police chief of Valley Township, Pennsylvania is taking on a temporary, unpaid second job: delivering packages.

It all started Saturday with a phone call.

"It was from a resident who said there are numerous Amazon packages laying in the street in front of their house," said Chief Brian Newhall.

The packages were found at Beacon Street and Cambridge Way not far from the station.

The packages were collected and, Newhall said, they've tried to get Amazon to pick them up.

"Nobody came and nobody ever called me back," he said.

What happened next might make you smile: The chief has taken it upon himself to deliver them.

We followed him on two deliveries Monday tonight. The first was to a farm about 35 minutes away.

The whole family came out to thank him.

Liz Allgyer lives at the farm. She said, "I think it says a lot. They are very kind people."

We asked the chief: Why go through all the trouble?

"It's the right thing to do. I'm lucky my township is a caring one and my supervisors support us doing this kind of thing," he said.

Before we left for the deliveries he shook one specific package.

It sounded like pills were inside.

Who knows? People might have even been waiting for medicine.

"Some of these areas are very rural and the residents could be waiting a long time," Newhall said.
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