Speculation swirls about Biden presidential run

GREENVILLE, Del. (WPVI) -- As the first Democratic presidential debate looms, many eyes are still on Vice President Joe Biden.

At this point, he does not plan to take part in Tuesday night's debate as speculation swirls about whether he will actually run.

News cameras shadowed Biden over the weekend in Wilmington as he attended sporting events in which his grandchildren were participating.

Many thought that after meeting with family and advisors he would finally announce a decision, but he did not.

Even Monday, some from the national press remained camped outside of Biden's home in Greenville.

For months, the V.P. has been signaling he has been grappling with the idea of a third run for the White House, even though he is still grieving the death of his son, Beau.

In the Small Wonder State, the 72-year-old is a beloved figure to many.

"I hope it's not too much of a burden for him to run, but I think our country needs Joe Biden right now," said Mary Rose Oliet of Greenville.

Senator Chris Coons, who was with Biden last week and has known him for years, conceded that - given primary filing deadlines - a decision should must come in weeks, but:

"Only he knows in his heart if he's got enough energy, the full support of his family to take on what would be a grueling presidential contest," said Sen. Chris Coons (D-Delaware).

Ralph Begleiter, a one-time CNN reporter who founded the University of Delaware's Center for Political Communications, thinks Biden is crunching hard numbers. At the center is Hillary Clinton's strength.

Begleiter says Biden knows that, if he is to win, he has to raise big money, have a national organization, and register in early primaries.

"He's done almost none of those things so far," Begleiter said. "It's possible it could be done, I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's a really steep hill to climb at this point."
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