Teen slams baby in car seat to the ground during drug-induced episode

OKLAHOMA CITY (WPVI) -- Parking lot surveillance video captured a terrifying scene as a teen grabbed a child in a car seat and violently threw him to the ground.

The male suspect ran off but was later apprehended by police. According to ABC 5 in Oklahoma City, he told police he smoked marijuana laced with another drug, possibly PCP or acid.

In addition to slamming the baby to the ground, witnesses say the teen also jumped on the hood of a car, exposed himself to passing vehicles and bent a parking sign. According to police, the teen told the arresting officers to "shoot him" and requested a knife so he could "do it himself".

Officials say the 1-year-old boy is doing OK, but suffered some abrasions to the neck and head as a result of the assault.

Local police note there has been a spike in laced marijuana cases and are actively seeking the person or persons responsible for selling it.

As for the teen suspect, he faces a slew of charges, including aggravated assault and battery, assault on a police officer, indecent exposure, public intoxication and malicious injury or destruction of property.
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