Jay Wright's winning wardrobe thanks to tailor in Delaware County

VILLANOVA (WPVI) -- When the Villanova Wildcats were winning the NCAA tournament, coach Jay Wright got a lot of thumbs up for his winning wardrobe thanks to an expert tailor in Delaware County.

Coach Wright has a good sense of style - even President Obama commented on it when the team was honored at the White House this week for being tournament champs.

Wright's suits have been made for years by his longtime tailor in Newtown Square.

Gabriele D'Annunzio, owner is D&B Bespoke Tailors, has been customizing suits for 50 years.

And it's in his DNA. His parents also worked as tailors for H. Freeman in Philadelphia.

"My father was tailor, my mother was a tailor, my brother is a tailor," he said.

Gabe, as his friends know him, specializes in bespoke tailored suits. He also tailors shirts, blazers and women's clothes too.

"That's my job. I know fabrics, I know textures. Sometimes it takes 5 or 6 fittings to finish a garment.

Gabe travels to do consultations and fittings and he's been fitting the stars for decades.

"Frankie Avalon, Frank Sinatra, George Burns," he recalls.

And one of his most popular clients is VIllanova basketball coach Jay Wright.

"Jay Wright has been a client for nearly 10 years," said Gabe.

The national champion head coach has long been admired for his style and the man behind the look is always looking for fresh ideas.

"I'm thinking of doing something a little different with him this year," said Gabe. "Hopefully he'll become one of the best dressed in America, not just one of the best dressed coaches in America."

The process of becoming one of America's best dressed is pretty fun.

"You learn about fabrics, you learn about style but you are part of the experience," said Gabe.

Customers pick the fabric, the collar and everything down to the lining - all under the eye of the watchful fashion Jedi.

"I know what the trends are going to be 2 years, 3 years, 5 years," said Gabe.

And you are fitted so the suit of made just for you.

"The customer can visualize and also feel how it's going to be when it's finished," said Gabe.

Each custom order is sewn on site and prepped with a personalized label.

Billy Olson has been coming to Gabe since he was 12-years-old.

"He's a master," he said.

His father has his suits made there and now so does his son.

"My father said that he's got this old world skill and take advantage of that," said Billy.

Gabe's tailoring has been proven through generations.

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