Cheese made by W.B. Saul HS students in Roxborough to hit local store shelves this week

Customers are already saying it's too "Gouda" to be true.
ROXBOROUGH (WPVI) -- It's cheese made exclusively from cows right here in Philadelphia, but it's no ordinary farmer behind this. It's high school students from W.B. Saul in Roxborough.

The cheese will hit local store shelves this week and customers are already saying it's too "gouda" to be true.

"It's become very very popular. We sell at least a few wedges or slices every single day," said Bianca DeLizzio, manager of T & F Farmer's Pride. "People love it on hoagies. It's just skyrocketed."

T & F Farmer's Pride is one of the local stores already selling W.B Saul cheeses, which include gouda, cheddar and colby. It was part of a test launch last month.

"It's cheese from right down the road. How more locally sourced can you get?" she said.

A couple of miles away from the Roxborough deli is the W.B Saul High School, and the school's farm is home to about a dozen cows.

"Some of the stuff we're doing is basic farm work too. So we not only get to learn new things but are sustaining the farm," said 11th grader Zachary Crawford.

With the help of adults, right now the students are responsible for milking nine cows, which goes into a 3,000-pound tank for filtration and is eventually sent to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to be turned into cheese.

"Our permit was approved by the state. We were inspected and we were awarded a distribution license," said Arbasak.

Profits from selling the cheeses go right back to the school.

"I've never heard of a high school doing this and I think that's what made me so excited about carrying it," said DeLizzio.

The school is hoping to be able to get into more artisanal cheeses and sell the farm's milk to local restaurants and businesses.
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