Camden Co. Police help residents still stuck in snow

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Police officers went door-to-door in Camden on Tuesday, checking on residents and helping them dig out following this weekend?s blizzard. (WPVI)

Officer from the Camden County Police Department went door-to-door in the city on Tuesday, checking on residents and helping them dig out following this weekend's blizzard.

It's part of Operation Guarding, now in its second year.

Some of those officers in the Kramer Hill section were helping shovel out drivers whose cars were still suck some 60 hours after the storm ended.

Kathleen Trump has lived in this neighborhood for 56 years, and says she's never seen the Camden police in this role during all those winters.

"First time I ever seen it was yesterday, the cops helping somebody get unstuck," she said.

The county police force is reaching out to this community like never before. In many cases, they are knocking on doors to see if the elderly and infirm are okay in the wake of the storm.

Officers Maria Holmes and McKinley Sims grew up in this city, and are enthused about this image makeover.

"It definitely brings people in the community closer," said Ofc. Holmes. "I have plenty of family that say it's definitely changed."

"We're always the ones to come for trouble, but for something as simple as snow they don't want to call, but we're out here and we'll do it even if they don't want it," said Sims.

Members of the community said they appreciate the change of climate in a town that has been wracked by violence and poverty.

One resident we talked to said, "It's a change of pace, not just harass and arrest. They're out here doing good things, putting faces to the names of the officers trying to serve and protect."
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