Tips for driving on slick winter roads

Ice and snow can make winter driving tricky, so here are seven tips for driving on slick winter roads from AccuWeather:

Accelerate and decelerate slowly
According to AccuWeather, accelerating too quickly can cause spinning and braking too hard can cause skidding.

Slow down
Accelerating, braking, and steering all take longer when driving on slick surfaces.

Keep your distance
While the following distance on dry roads is 3-4 seconds, AccuWeather suggests increasing your time to 8-10 seconds on slick roads.

Correcting a slide
If you begin to slide on a slick road, remember to turn into the slide.

Black Ice
Watch for black ice, which may look like a wet road, especially at night.

Buckle up
Make sure all passengers of your car have their seat belts properly fastened.

Stay home
Unless it is absolutely necessary to travel, it may be best to stay home and be safe.
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