'Yahshi Bakes' delivers a bite of heaven with Ethiopian, Jamaican-inspired desserts

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Friday, May 27, 2022
Yahshi's Ethiopian, Jamaican-inspired desserts taste like heaven
Teen baker and business owner Yahshimabet Sellassie offers a "taste of heaven" with spice-infused pastries.

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Food Network star and culinary prodigy Yahshimabet Sellassie has been baking up a "taste of heaven" since the ripe age of 12.

As a tween, she founded Yahshi Bakes, a business through which she honors her heritage by infusing pastries with a unique blend of spices from Ethiopia and Jamaica.

"It was always important to me to do something that is also paying homage to my ancestry," said Sellassie "I think by incorporating those flavors I'm keeping myself connected to those roots."

Korerima is Ethiopian cardamom which she grinds fresh and adds to her pastries, including her orange cardamom coffee cake, almond cardamom shortbread, and chai cupcakes.

In addition, her mocha chai cake, lemongrass raspberry cake, and chocolate salted caramel cupcakes tantalize the taste buds.

"She has an amazing way of putting all these spices together," described her father Abba Yahudah Sellassie. "It's to live for."

At 18 years old, Sellassie is focused on expanding her business. She ships cookies nationwide and plans to continue opening pop-ups in major US cities.

"I think there's nothing more important than living in your passion," explained Sellassie. "When you know what it is that brings you joy and makes you glow, I think that's what you should be doing."

For more information, visit here and follow @yahshibakes on Instagram.