Lifelong Philadelphian's job fulfills passion for helping, devotion to city improvement

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Moses Pierce is a man-about-town in Center City, Philadelphia, where he can be seen sporting that signature teal jacket.

The teal color is worn by the community service representatives of the Center City District and is synonymous with a friendly presence in the city. Those on the job are ready to help both visitors and residents alike and Pierce has greeted many people over the years.

"I was one of the first to be able to come out to represent the city I was born in and raised in and still, it's exciting to me 30 years later," said Pierce.

Pierce started as a CSR, or community service representative, back in 1991. He says he felt this job gave him a pathway to do more for his city and was a way for him to help change the image of the downtown area.

Brian Korn, Director of the Community Service Representatives of the Center City District, says their job is an important one, since they "make sure that downtown Philadelphia is clean, safe and attractive."

"We're our own entity and we work with the city itself, together in a partnership," explained Pierce. "We're the eyes and ears for the Philadelphia Police Department."

Pierce says they are equipped with two-way radios, so they have direct access to emergency personnel in the city, like the fire and police departments. They can call and get what they need to respond to a client's needs.

Some CSRs are responsible for cleaning, others homeless outreach, but Pierce is part of the hospitality sector, working like a roving concierge to provide directions and information to visitors.

Today, he is welcoming people to Dilworth Park just outside City Hall.

"I'm what they call a human GPS," he joked.

Pierce says he has just kept moving, talking and helping people while on the job and notes he has seen the changes and improvements in the city through the years.

"It's all of us together," he says. "Tourism is a big deal. People come from around the world."

Korn says that CSRs are helpful in this regard because they can not only tell you how to get somewhere, but they will also tell you what places you'll want to see along the way.

Pierce says for him, there is no greater feeling than to help someone.

"Every day is rewarding and it's just a wonderful job," he said.

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