1812 Productions brings big laughs with 'This Is The Week That Is' through Dec. 31

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Monday, December 18, 2023
1812 Productions brings big laughs with 'This Is The Week That Is'
1812 Productions is bringing holiday cheer and laughs with its show "This Is The Week That Is."

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- 1812 Productions has been putting on the political humor show, This Is The Week That Is, for 18 seasons.

"In many ways, it's a year in review," says Jennifer Childs, head writer and performer in This Is The Week That Is.

You can see the production at Plays & Players Theatre in Center City.

"Out of the dumpster fire that is the politics of this year, we are going to do something and make it funny," says Sean Close, performer and news writer.

"It's very much about, what does it feel like to be alive at this moment?" says Childs.

It's the all-comedy theatre company's 100th production.

"We've been around for 28 seasons," says Childs, who is also the Producing Artistic Director for 1812 Productions. "We believe the world needs more comedy."

"It's a little bit of like SNL with a little bit of Daily Show," says Melanie Cotton, Co-Director and Choreographer.

Childs says there are big musical parody numbers along with game show satires.

There are six cast members who also write the show.

"We are characters in various sketches," says Close. "Hunter Biden, Mike Pence - that kind of gives you a flavor of what we do."

"We are equal opportunity offenders, which means that we like to make sure that we have time for both the right and the left," says Childs.

Jennifer Childs plays Patsy from South Philadelphia, which has become a fan-favorite role among return audiences.

"And then in Act II, I help write the news and then I'm at the news desk for sort of Weekend Update," says Close.

"That changes from week to week, night to night to keep up with the current news cycle," says Childs.

"It keeps me on my toes," says Close.

And they hope, it creates a sense of community.

"I hope people come in and laugh together," says Cotton. "Whether or not we have the same political views or not."

"Hopefully you will be left with a sense of hope around the holidays," says Childs.

1812 Productions is performing This Is the Week That Is through December 31.

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