2024 Philadelphia Auto Show Preview with Karen Rogers, Ducis Rodgers, Alicia Vitarelli & Adam Joseph

Tuesday, January 16, 2024
6abc's 2024 Philadelphia Auto Show Special
Watch the complete 2024 Philadelphia Auto Show Special

PHILADELPHIA -- Discover what is fueling the automotive world as 6abc takes you inside the 2024 Philadelphia Auto Show with an exclusive preview hosted by Karen Rogers, Ducis Rodgers, Adam Joseph and Alicia Vitarelli.

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Automotive Trends

Learn how the industry is evolving at a record pace.

Leading the charge into a new automotive world is the electric vehicle, which surpassed one million new EVs sold for the first time in 2023.

Our team breaks down the challenges facing the industry, the benefits for EV adoption and how the Philadelphia Auto Show provides a great opportunity to learn more about the most influential topic facing car buyers.

Ride and Drive + E-Track

The Auto Show lets visitors hop outside for a ride, to get behind the wheel of some premium models from Toyota for 2024.

Your ticket also lets you take advantage of a unique opportunity inside, at the PECO E-Track.

All in one hub, experts can answer questions, and you can see, feel, and fully experience a variety of electric vehicles from Toyota, as well as manufacturers like Ford, Nissan, and Volkswagen.

6 Things to see

We round up six of the top must-see attractions at the Philadelphia Auto Show with vehicles that will take you on a trip down memory lane to vehicles you've seen in classic films like the Fast and Furious franchise.

See how the Manns plenty turned a vintage Electric Mustang into a stunning EV and get a taste of the exotics with a look at Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Bentley.

Custom Alley & Local Lane

Custom Alley is back this year, moving to the Main Floor for the first time.

This popular exhibit showcases rides of all types that have been modified, as well as businesses that specialize in customizations - for everyday drivers and celebs alike.

Meet three local enthusiasts who have made their rides unique and hear their stories.


Our matchmaker is back!

Automotive journalist and part-time automotive matchmaker Nick Kurczewski has taken on the taste of finding vehicles that match a few of our 6abc personalities.

The picks are in for Cecily Tynan, Alicia Vitarelli and Brittany Boyer.

Technology in Cars

Comparing the cars of yesteryear to what we get in today's standard vehicle.

See the evolution of technology and how it has turned today's vehicles into one of the most elaborate machines anyone can own.

Take a trip down memory lane to see how today's modern marvels compare to those from the past.

Schools at the Show

Students from Methacton High School and Temple University prepared electric cars for this year's Philadelphia Auto Show.

Methacton Electric Car Club

Students from Methacton's Electric Car Club created an eclectic 1969 Spitfire from scratch, using two donated cars from Auto Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia.

They are also presenting a Lomax-style car from the 1930s called The Lorax.

The Lorax has been part of the school's program for more than 20 years.

Temple Formula Racing

Student organization Temple Formula Racing has prepared its 2023 race car for this year's Auto Show.

The car placed 24th overall out of 121 teams competing at Michigan International Speedway, which made it the top team in Pennsylvania last year.

CHOP & Charity

Since 1986 the Black Tie Tailgate Gala at the Philadelphia Auto Show has raised more than $10 million for Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

The partnership between the hospital and the Auto Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia has contributed to groundbreaking work at the hospital and impactful changes for the doctors and nurses who work there.

And that is just part of the charitable impact the More Than Auto Dealers Association takes part in throughout the year.