Salvation Army helps parents with gifts for the holdays

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If you're a parent, Christmas is all about your kid. (WPVI)

If you're a parent, Christmas is all about your kid. So it meant the world to some parents in need to step into a room full of toys for the taking Tuesday morning, set up by the Salvation Army in Wynnefield Heights.

Shaine Pollack waited an hour in the rain to take his turn. Out of work since April, he says without this there would be nothing for his sons Andrew and River.

Pollack tells us, "It would have been a horrible Christmas. I wouldn't have really have had anything for them. We barely have anything as it is, so anything we're getting is really helping."

Instead, he made their way through tables groaning with donated toys, separated into piles for girls and boys, according to age. Parents could take two toys for each child, along with games, coloring books, stockings and wrapping paper.

"It takes a lot of pressure off, really feels great that I will be able to do something for my children. 'Cause they're good boys and they deserve it," Pollack said.

Each parent had a personal shopper assisting them as they picked out their own toys.

Major Hester Dixon from the Salvation Army says, "People are so used to people just handing them a box and saying what you get is what you get. But to have them choose what they want for their children, as limited as it is, really helps them feel that they are doing something for their children."

Another parent, Damar Broggins, says, "This way our child can have a smile on his face and won't be disappointed. A lot of kids don't get anything. So this is a blessing. And i'm taking it as that."

And that blessing also lifted the spirits of the workers, who are grateful to all the people across the Delaware Valley would made this day happen with their donations

Broggins says, "I'm just so thankful that they help us lift our hands so we can help people. Without people giving to us we couldn't help."

So to all you Secret Santas out there, you done good.
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