Caught on video: Fishermen catch massive 350-pound shark in Delaware

LEWES, Delaware -- Two men made quite a catch at Cape Henlopen State Park Beach in Delaware last weekend, reeling in a nearly 9-foot-long, 350-pound sand tiger shark.

Beachgoers say it was like a scene out of the movie "Jaws," a scene that's gone wildly viral with hundreds of thousands of views on social media.

In the video, you see Dave Williamson from Lewes, Delaware holding the shark's mouth open, unfazed by its massive and sharp teeth.

He's part of a team that's spent the past five years essentially fishing for sharks.

Once they get a bite, they reel it in close to shore. That's when Williamson jumps in for the show, opening the jaw and unhooking the shark to set it free.

"It's a hobby for me. It's a rush. It's a thrill," Williamson says. "I mean, I guess you could call me a thrill seeker in that sense. Some people are afraid of snakes and spiders and what have you. I've just been comfortable getting in the water with them for no one reason in particular."

Williamson says there's no intention to ever harm the shark.

It's illegal to remove a shark from the water in Delaware, so they always keep the animal close to shore, but in the ocean.

This is sort of a sport, but it doesn't have an official title.

Williamson refers to it simply as "game fishing."

Over the last few years, he has landed and released 30 sharks.

Williamson has never been bitten by a shark.

His day job is as a general contractor, but his Sunday hobby, you can catch him on the beach at Cape Henlopen State Park if you want to see the seaside show.