Beloved pediatrician gets emotional send-off ahead of retirement

WEST GOSHEN, TWP. (WPVI) -- Dr. Joseph Becker is retiring after 40 years of caring for children in the Broomall and West Chester areas.

On Wednesday, the pediatrician's patients and their parents gave him a proper send-off.

One by one, they paraded by Dr. Becker's office in West Goshen, Township of Chester County.

He looked on and waved to those in attendance and told all the children how much he'll miss them.

The kids had put a lot of effort into decorating their cars.

Becker even took some of their posters as a souvenir.

West Goshen police drove by with lights and sirens.

When asked, everyone called Becker caring and compassionate.

"He's great. He always asks about our personal lives," said Jordyn Bauer, who was a pediatric patient. "He's more than just a doctor to us. He was our best friend."

Kathy DeRuschi, a registered nurse at Becker's practice, said, "He's comforting to the parents. I've seen many go in nervous that their child is sick, and with everything they read, they come out smiling. He's reassuring. Just a loving guy."

Becker told Action News, "Today is a really great day. It's sort of the culmination of your career, the relationships you've formed. I don't think I could ask for a better send-off than what I had today."

Becker cared for generations of children from the same families.

He watched babies grow into young adults and then bring their babies to see him.

Becker will be spending more time with family, including a young grandchild, volunteer, and take up some hobbies he enjoyed as a child.
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