Be Kind: New Jersey community helps elderly veteran

NEW EGYPT, New Jersey (WPVI) -- A New Jersey couple proved that kindness is contagious. In August, Amanda and Kyle Nilsen checked on a neighbor in need, but now, the entire community is involved.

It all began when a tree left a hole in the roof of 82-year-old Joe Riccardo's home in New Egypt, Ocean County.

The Nilsen's had no idea anyone was even living there.

When Kyle went to check on the place, he met Riccardo, a military veteran, and a life-long friendship was born.

Kyle noticed that in addition to the roof repairs, Riccardo needed other essentials like a new furnace.

So, the Nilsens started a fundraising campaign.

Amanda also created a sign-up sheet for donations.

Soon, items came pouring in.

Amanda created gift baskets and delivered them to Riccardo.

"He's a changed guy, happy all the time, happy to see everybody. Amanda calls him 'Grandpa Joe' for our daughter and he loves it." Kyle said.

Now that Riccardo is back in a warm, dry home, the Nilsen's want to make sure "Grandpa Joe" is always taken care of.

If you'd like to help, click here for the fundraising campaign.
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