A review of local gun laws in the face of a national debate

TRENTON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Two mass shootings this weekend have turned the nation's attention to gun laws. We are taking a look at local gun laws in the tri-state area.

Giffords Law Center ranks all 50 states by the strength of their gun laws. New Jersey received an "A," Delaware received a "B," and Pennsylvania received a "C+."

Monday, Acting New Jersey Governor Sheila Oliver signed three bills into law today. The bills aim to reach gun violence victims at hospitals and provide violence intervention programs.

"Thoughts and prayers aren't enough. It's well past time for action in this nation," said Oliver at the bill signing.

In the tri-state area, New Jersey has the most restrictive gun laws.

-Requiring a permit to buy any gun.

-Those convicted of domestic violence offenses can not buy guns.

-The state limits handgun purchases to one per month.

-Prohibits possession and transfer of large-capacity ammunition magazines.

The state of Delaware requires background checks for guns even in private sale.

It also requires a mandatory reporting of any gun lost or stolen. There is a state-wide ban on anyone convicted of domestic violence, or under the order of protection from buying a gun.

Pennsylvania has more relaxed gun laws, compared to New Jersey and Delaware.

If bought in a store, a background check must be performed. If a gun is bought in a private sale, no background check is required.

There is no mandatory waiting period. When buying a gun, the customer can walk out of the store with that purchase the same-day.

Pennsylvania does not require a gun buyer to obtain a permit before purchase.
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