'Abbott Elementary' stars Chris Perfetti and William Stanford Davis talk season 3 - and 4!

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Abbott Elementary stars talk about season 3
Jennifer Matarese interviews "Abbott Elementary" stars Chris Perfetti and William Stanford Davis.

NEW YORK -- "Abbott Elementary" is back after a six-month break and there are some fun changes and new characters adding excitement to school.

Two of the show's original cast, Chris Perfetti who stars as Mr. Jacob Hill, and William Stanford Davis who stars as Mr. Johnson, say they love being back this season and Davis said that a season 4 was just announced.

"They just have announced that we're coming back for a fourth season and for every actor that's a great feeling and it's just a testament to the show and what it means to everyone," Davis said.

"It's so rare that an actor gets to play a character for this long and when you do get to make this much of a story I feel you get to see the different sides of a person, so it's nice to get to explore that and figure out what that is," Perfetti said.

So far, we've seen the kids get to see some real-life sports idols during Career Day, and this week, the educators tackle smoking and drug use, but in the amusing way only they can.

It takes you back to the days of DARE, but this time at "Abbott Elementary" it's FADE coming in.

"It's definitely supposed to remind you of DARE, it's a great take," Perfetti said. "The writers led by Quinta Brunson are adept at taking something you know and giving you an unpredictable or weird side of it."

One thing both agreed on, the kids that act on the show are very sweet and just want to do the best job they can.

"It's always a good time working with them because they always want to get it right," Davis said. "They want to please us, but they also just really love doing what they are doing."

Don't miss the next episode of "Abbott Elementary" on ABC this Wednesday at 9/8C and streaming the next day on Hulu.