Emmy-winning comedy 'Abbott Elementary' is back for new season

ByGeorge Pennacchio OTRC logo
Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Emmy-winning comedy 'Abbott Elementary' returns for season 2
Emmy-winning writer Quinta Brunson brings the ABC comedy "Abbott Elementary" back for a second season that features laughs, heart and a big dose of reality.

LOS ANGELES -- The cast and crew of "Abbott Elementary" are on the move. They've gathered their pencils, chalk, paper and notebooks and are moving from Tuesday nights to Wednesday nights on ABC.

"We're so happy to be back at it, and back with each other and just back making this show that we really love," said series creator Quinta Brunson.

And with school back in session, there's no place these "teachers" would rather be.

"This thing that we do, I look forward to doing. And not just because they bring me breakfast, but that's a big reason," said Lisa Ann Walter. "But it's doing the actual work on a set with people that I adore, surrounded by this great group of talent and the writers, too, and all of our crew. That's what I can't wait to do. So it doesn't feel like going to work. It feels like going to have fun."

Brunson, who just won the Emmy for comedy writing, says she didn't set out to become a spokesperson for the teaching profession. She just knew this field was rich with relatable stories.

"I knew there was humor in it, heart in it, love in it, but reality in it," said Brunson. "And I'm so happy that even though we didn't set out to be representation for teachers that we are doing such a caring and good job that teachers get to feel represented, if that makes sense. I'm happy we're doing our job well enough for them to appreciate what we're doing."

"It has been wonderful to hear teachers talk about how much they feel seen, how much they feel respected, how much they feel uplifted," said Sheryl Lee Ralph.

Ralph also won the Emmy for her role in "Abbott Elementary." She is passionate about offering the best education we can for our children.

"We can do better, we will do better," said Ralph. "And I'm happy that there's 'Abbott Elementary' to show people that, yes, there is a way forward together."

Ralph is looking forward to something she would especially like to see on the show this season.

"Oh, holy night!" sang Ralph. "We have to have a Christmas recital!"

"Abbott Elementary" airs Wednesday nights at 9p/8c on ABC.