Male student suspended for violating dress code with nail polish

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Monday, December 7, 2020
Male student suspended for violating dress code with nail polish
Press play to watch an interview with Clyde High School senior Trevor Wilkinson.

CLYDE, Texas -- A teenage boy near Abilene, Texas said his suspension from school for wearing nail polish is unfair.

Clyde High School senior Trevor Wilkinson recently went to school with his nails painted and was suspended for violating the district's dress code.

The Clyde CISD dress code states that boys are not allowed to wear makeup or nail polish.

"It is a complete double standard because girls are allowed to have any form of nails they want, and honestly they can express themselves in any way they want," Wilkinson said.

He has set up a petition asking the school to change the policy and has gotten thousands of signatures.

Clyde CISD Superintendent Kenny Berry refused to elaborate on Wilkinson's case, according to the Abilene Reporter-News. He would not answer questions about the dress code's requirements for men and women.

"Questions or concerns with the dress code are reviewed individually, and the district cannot share any information regarding a specific student," Berry said in a statement.

Clyde CISD serves a community approximately 15 miles east of Abilene, and has an enrollment of around 1,450 students at four campuses.


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