Many planning 'revenge travel' as COVID-19 restrictions ease

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It's safe to say that last year was pretty awful, and that's why Jana Tidwell from AAA Mid-Atlantic says a lot of people are making vacation plans.

"People are upset, they're mad. They didn't get their summer vacation in last year. They didn't get to travel to see family, friends. They are ready to go," she said.

Many in the travel industry are referring to this emerging trend as "revenge travel."

A lot of people who spent the better part of the last year cooped up at home are ready to splurge on this year's vacation plans, and not just by upgrading their accommodations.

"People are extending their vacations. Instead of one week, maybe they're doing two weeks. Maybe they had a road trip planned last year, but this year they are deciding to fly to a different destination," Tidwell said.

She said there is a surge of people booking trips to the Caribbean and Mexico through AAA over the past several weeks.

But there are a few important issues to consider before draining your bank account on this year's vacation.

Among the top issues are the rapidly rising cost of travel linked to the recent spike in demand.

Also, make sure you stay on top of any lingering COVID-19 restrictions between your home and your final destination.

"So much is changing on a regular basis, even daily, in terms of CDC guidelines and vaccination updates. What are we going to see out of airlines, resorts, cruise lines? It really is a fluid situation," said Tidwell.
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