Invasion of the vultures

January 9, 2008 8:21:34 PM PST
The buzz around town is about the buzzards -- and it's a problem that won't be going anyway anytime soon.

Scores of vultures have been roosting on the roof of the building next door to the Bucks County Playhouse.

"It's gross and it's a little bit scary to our customers, especially with people who are bringing their children to the theatre. These things have a wing span that's about as long as we are tall," said Ralph Miller of the playhouse.

"They're everywhere. We come in the morning, and they're all over the roofs, by the garbage, scaring people away," said Nick Borden of Fran's Pub.

"We have skylights in our store and you can see their little feet and all. They're disgusting," said Terri Siegel of Terri's Gifts.

The vultures have been coating rooftops with their droppings and driving some business owners crazy.

"They actually ate a hole in the roof. We had to get the roof repaired twice in the amount of six or seven thousand dollars," said Ernie Santone, manager of Havana.

To stop that Havana's put some netting on the roof.

"And that worked. I mean it kept then off the roof but we had to take it down because it's not according to code," said owner Jane Faraco.

Resident Stephen Stahl said many blame the problem on restaurant dumpsters along Waterloo Street where the vultures have been feeding.

"If the dumpsters aren't closed and you go close them in the morning, they'll fly out of the dumpsters," said Stahl.

The birds are a protected species, but loud noises and lasers can be effective. Business owners don't care how it's done. They just want these spooky flying scavengers gone. Boro council is aware of the problem. A meeting was held Wednesday night, and the vulture topic was on the agenda, but no action was taken. So the birds will stay as they are for now.