Free kits help "Get the Lead Out"

January 5, 2008 9:01:10 PM PST
A lot of toys from China were taken off store shelves over the last several months because of lead in the paint. Now there's an effective and inexpensive way to test toys for lead paint. It was a simple demonstration that many gathered around a table in Linwood, Pennsylvania to see. It was a lesson on how to test toys for lead paint. Other items used by children, like a lunchbox, were also tested.

Debbie Napier brought some of her grandchildren's toys to the test site. "With small children and putting toys in their mouth. I definitely want to make sure there's no lead."

Missy Napier of Marcus Hook says, "It's crazy that you have to be cautious about toys. You should be able to buy a toy and give it to your children."

Members of the United Steel Workers Union decided to take this "Get the Lead Out" campaign nationwide. Needless to say local residents are glad they did.

Alice Sykes learned the lunchbox tested positive for lead, and so did some of the other items. "My daughter actually had that same exact doll and that tested positive for lead," said Sykes.

Jim Savage, president of Local 10-one was happy so many people turned out for the demonstration saying, "It's almost impossible to buy a toy that's made in America now and we wanted to raise awareness was one thing. And second thing was, to have people come here, have a toy tested and it was not contaminated and give them some peace of mind."

For 3 dollars to handle shipping, test kits are free for the asking. For more information go to