What's left of the Helmsley estate?

January 16, 2008 5:18:47 AM PST
Now that her dog has taken his bite out of the estate, the rest of what Leona Helmsley left behind is being auctioned off.

Christie's auction house says it's going to hold 15 sales of personal property from the real-estate billionaire's homes in New York, Connecticut and Florida.

Helmsley ordered in her will that her property be sold, with the proceeds going to a charitable trust set up in her name and that of her late husband.

The sales will include old master paintings, Chinese ceramics and European furniture.

Her will left mostof her estate to the charitable trust, though she also established a 12-million-dollar trust fund for her beloved white Maltese named Trouble.

She left nothing to two of her grandchildren, saying in her will that they would know the reasons for that.