U Voice at Drexel University

February 1, 2008 1:19:04 AM PST
We don't know who was breathing more fire: the fictitious dragon mascot named Mario the Magnificent (the statue of which is located at 34th and Market Streets), or the politically involved students of Drexel University.The Drexel Dems and the Drexel Republicans gathered at the student center for a lively debate on a number of topics. We even had an audience, and the folks at Drexel made us a cool U Voice sign!

One of the more interesting parts of the debate came when both sides discussed how much the government should get involved in people's lives, and how much taxpayers should foot the bill.

And we of course played our ever-popular Name the Nominee game. See who the students think will win the Republican, Democratic, and general elections. One of them makes an interesting connection between one-time presidential candidate Ross Perot and Rep. Ron Paul.

Editor's note: this episode was taped before the Florida primary, and before Rudy Guiliani dropped out of the race.

Our U Voice participants at Drexel:

Drexel Dems: John Lloyd, Dadly Cordero, Kristen Smith

Click here to visit the Drexel Dems website

Drexel Republicans: Michelle Benitez, William Mulgrew, Ivan Skakun

Click here to visit the Drexel Republicans website