Redistricting plan sparks controversy

February 7, 2008 3:53:39 PM PST
Some tough give and take is expected tonight in Boyertown at a special meeting concerning a recently announced controversial redistricting plan.

The district covers 99 square miles of both Berks and Montgomery Counties. Lopsided residential growth means three elementary schools in the east are growing rapidly, facing potential overcrowding while other schools are actually losing enrollment or have extra space.

The district argues it makes sense to shift some youngsters to the underused schools.

Under the plan, about 340 kids would shift to a new school next year. That means 1 out of 10 grade schoolers would change schools, and that has some parents fuming.

Parents of kids who would be shuffled charge the plan is just a stopgap. It's good for maybe a year or two, they say, but what happens when more families arrive?

The district argues projections show only moderate growth in the future. Nothing in the pipeline would mean shuffling kids year after year, officials said.

But, many parents are not convinced and want the plan scrapped.