PA could play big role in primaries

February 6, 2008 4:42:27 PM PST
Pennyslvania could play the crucial role in determining the democratic nominee for president.John McCain may not have closed the deal on Super Tuesday, but he emerges as the presumptive GOP nominee despite the sniping from the far right.

However, it's game on in the war of attrition between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama; they will battle state by state in the weeks ahead.

The remaining February contests are in Louisiana and the Potomac primaries, involving Washington, Maryland and Virginia, all with large black populations.

Then there's Wisconsin in the so far pro-Obama Midwest. Clinton must hold on for Texas and Ohio in early March to stay viable. After all that, Pennsylvania is the final big state primary.

In the wake of last night's Obama-Clinton standoff, experts are looking down the road at Pennsylvania's primary on April 22 as the showdown that could ultimately decide who the democratic party's standard bearers will be.

U.S. Senators Obama, Clinton, and McCain were summoned back to Washington on Wednesday to vote on economic stimulus plans, but the warring Democrats already have troops on the ground in Pennsylvania preparing for the Springtime showdown that could tip the scales.