Wife gives husband kidney for Valentines

February 14, 2008 3:57:01 PM PST
A Bucks County woman is giving her husband a kidney for Valentines.Some people give candy or flowers to their loved ones on Valentine's Day.

Marlene Moran of Plumstead is giving her husband Sean a kidney.

It may not sound as romantic, but this will be a life changing, if not a life saving, gift.

"I'm shell-shocked that she would do it. I think it's just wonderful," Sean Moran said.

"I want our lives to be back to normal and just have an enjoyable life together," Marlene Moran said.

Marlene admits that the transplant, set for next Tuesday at HUP, leaves her a little scared.

Sean, a stone mason, suffers from an autoimmune disease that shut down his kidneys, forcing him to undergo regular treatment at a dialysis center in Doylestown.

Dialysis patients typically have to spend four hours of treatment three times a week. To leave that all behind will make a world of difference for Sean.

"It's going to be like a new life again. I'm really looking forward to it," Sean Moran said.

The parents of two daughters, Sean and Marlene thought they were a great couple when they when they married 22 years ago. After passing a battery of test to confirm they're compatible, this gives new meaning to the idea of being a perfect match.

"98,000 people are waiting for some type of organ, and the fact that someone you've lived with for 24 years is your match is incredible," Karen Russell, a dialysis nurse, said.

"That's perfect, because you're giving life to the one you love. What could be better than that?" Nancy, a dialysis patient, said.

"The fact that it's right around Valentine's Day is neat because I don't have anything for him only a card," Marlene said.

To that, Sean said, "That's okay, I'll take the kidney."