Weapons removed from home after blast

February 26, 2008 8:25:46 PM PST
Investigators removed weapons and other possible evidence from a home where explosion occurred on Monday. "I heard a really loud explosion and about two or three seconds later I heard a woman shouting for help," said neighbor Amy Patterson.

That woman was 41-year-old Tracy Shimkus who was running down the street crying for help after an explosion inside her home at 214 West Holly Street on Monday morning.

She was bleeding so badly some neighbors thought she had been hit by a shotgun blast.

"When she turned around, it was just horrible. She was covered in blood. Some of her fingers were missing."

"There was blood all over the pile of snow that she was on. When the paramedics put her on the stretcher and they covered her with a plastic wrap, you could see her hand was full of blood," said Catherine DeSimone Initially, neighbors were told Shimkus was injured in a kitchen accident.

Authorities on Tuesday said homemade fireworks caused the explosion.

Bomb squad technicians declared 214 safe before detectives entered with a search warrant.

Neighbors in this small quiet community are livid someone would have materials with enough explosive power to bring out the bomb squad.

"I'm offended by him, and I'm actually really mad at the thought he would bring that into a neighborhood with a lot of children," said Corinne Tenerelli.

Investigators left the home with bags of possible evidence, including rifles and ammunition bins.

No criminal charges have been filed as the investigation is continuing.