Neglect spurs stable shutdown

March 6, 2008 3:51:37 PM PST
Philadelphia inspectors are shutting down some inner city horse stables spurred by reports of neglect.The urban cowboys keep their steeds in Strawberry Mansion, along the 26-hundred block of Fletcher Street.

The Pennsylvania SPCA, Philadelphia Licenses and Inspections, and the Health Department all began the process of clearing out stables they say are home to 44 horses.

On one field in particular, owned by the city, authorities say animals lacked clean water and food and some were standing in several feet of waste

The Pennsylvania SPCA removed two animals Wednesday and has given the owners of horses living in these shanties 24 hours to find other stables.

In November, a horse carcass was found in a pile of manure.

The stables may have been around for decades, but their days are numbered. Licenses and Inspections plans to bulldoze the field on Friday.

In addition, the privately-owned stables across the street have been condemned and owners have between 5 and 30 days to move the horses.