Baby boy found in garbage bag

March 11, 2008 9:27:14 PM PDT
A baby is in good condition at Children's Hospital, lucky to be alive after a rocky start to life's journey. Someone dumped the one-day-old baby boy in front of a house near 58th and Market Streets.

Ben Everett lives there. He says he noticed a trash bag in the yard around 9:00 this morning. Three hours later he heard something, and then checked out the bag.

Police say the baby was wrapped in a blanket and stuffed in the trash bag. He had been cleaned, but the umbilical cord was still attached. He was out there for more than three hours and could have frozen to death or suffocated.

Police went door to door, but no one knows the mother.

The police say the safe haven law would have allowed the parents to drop off the baby at a hospital, no questions asked.

Fortunately, the baby did make it to the hospital and he is doing okay. We're calling him "Little Ben" for now since "Big Ben" found him.

The police are asking anyone who might know something to come forward to help identify him.