Future forecasters welcome Action News

April 18, 2008 3:32:32 PM PDT
Look out AccuWeather team, a South Jersey school has some future forecasters of their own. Third graders from Sewell Elementary school forecasted the weather today, with a twist.

After reading Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, a story that talks about food falling from the sky, Mrs. Heckert decided to have her class blend creative writing with weather knowledge to put on their own news broadcast.

"When I first said we're going to pretend we're a news team everybody said Channel 6, Channel 6, Channel 6," Mrs. Heckert said.

They may love Action News, but these kids have their own style.

In addition to having fun, they learned some real weather forecasting skills. Would they really want it to rain meatballs, or pizza?

"The only one I wouldn't want it to rain is coconuts because they could hit me on the head," 9-year-old Dylan Popp said.

After this experience surely they want to be on Action News when they grow up


Responses varied from 'maybe' to growing up and becoming a baseball player.

9-year-old Emily Miske said she wants to be, "A rock star or an astronaut."

So maybe the AccuWeather team has nothing to worry about after all. Maybe.