Mrs. Fixit: Aspirin

April 23, 2008 6:02:09 AM PDT
A couple of aspirin will do more then alleviate your headache! They can help with fresh flowers, laundry and even mosquito bites.

If you got some beautiful cut flowers, grab a vase and some aspirin. Crush the aspirin between a couple of spoons and add it to the water in your vase. The acid in the aspirin will help keep the water clean and the flowers fresh.

Perspiration stains, or more specifically anti-perspirant stains? Grab some aspirin. Crush a couple and mix them into a half a cup of warm water. Use the mixture to saturate the stain and then let it sit a couple of hours. Launder as usual and the stains will be gone!

If you have an egg stain on clothing or linens scrape off as much as you can and make a paste of crushed aspirin and water. Spread it over the stain and work it in with a soft toothbrush. Then rinse it with some warm water.

The itch of mosquito bites and bee stings can be soothed with some aspirin. Wet the pill and set it on the bite for instant relief.

A quick note, if you have aspirin allergies do not use these tips! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!