Sizzlin' steaks at Cira Centre

April 24, 2008 7:12:31 AM PDT
Rae Restaurant, across of 30th Street Station in the Cira Centre, offers ultra-modern décor in an unusually open space.A lot of diners are on business.

But Rae is no location restaurant.

The menu has a reserve wine list, and reserve foods, too, like exclusive steaks weighing up to three pounds.

Order one and you will get the chef's personal attention for half an hour or more.

A thick layer of seasoned salt protects the steak while it roasts in a hot oven, a technique cowboys have known about for more than a century.

When it is almost done, the salt lifts off and your mega-steak is grilled to your liking.

It's big enough to share but many people don't.

WEB LINK: Rae Restaurant