Gas prices drive more to motorcycles

April 30, 2008 4:21:36 PM PDT
It's painful at the pumps these days, unless you're filling up one of these motorcycles. "It's definitely a result of fuel prices. Even myself, I ride my bike and just leave the car in the garage. It's just too expensive," says Kirk Gray of Power Sports East in Delaware.

Gray says more and more people are considering motorcycles and scooters. Last weekend alone, 65 bikes were sold here, many to first-time riders. Motorcycle sales are up 25% over last year, and a whopping 40% for scooters. Larger models are suitable for highway driving but like motorcycles, large scooters require a special license, unlike small mopeds.

Lauren Wilson, Action News: "Now you can't get on a major highway on a moped, but at 110 miles per gallon, a lot of people are choosing bikes like these to get around."

Bill Sundy of New Castle Delaware bought a scooter two years ago. He also drives a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

"I just filled the Jeep up last night and it cost me $53. The scooter costs $8 to $10 to fill up."

It's that kind of math that makes bikers the envy of everyone's eyes when they gas up.

"The lady next to me had a Tahoe and she cut it off at $75 and it didn't even fill it up so I felt quite pleased. It was nice, yeah," said George Valackas of North East, Maryland.

Valackas can't help but gloat. After all, he commutes an hour to and from his job each day on his bike, averaging about 80 miles per gallon, a huge savings with gas prices like this.

By the way, 35% of new riders are said to be women.