Teacher makes virtual visit to students

April 30, 2008 5:21:40 PM PDT
Students at Sun Valley High School got a surprise visit via webcam from one of their favorite teachers. Mr. Malachefsky was injured in February while chaperoning a ski trip and hasn't seen his students since his complications and emergency surgeries.

The math teacher got a warm welcome from his students.

"It's pretty sweet, the fact that we can talk and interact even though he's all the way at his house is pretty cool," senior Mike Martin said.

"He's just an awesome guy. He's a great teacher, a nice personality; he gets along with everybody and he's at all our school's events," senior Anna Crowley.

The high tech tools came from the Classrooms for Future Grant.

Mr. Mal's wife, Tricia Malachefsky, is also a teacher at Sun Valley.

"I was happy he didn't get worked up and teary eyed. He's a little emotional since this happened. He misses the kids a lot. I think he was as excited as they were," Mrs. Malachefsky said.

You can tell by the way the students interacted with "Mr. Mal" that they really miss him. He's hoping to return to school in the fall.