Hammer Time!

May 1, 2008 4:39:49 AM PDT
Our brand new television studios are taking shape here at Channel 6.We held a topping off ceremony late last week, putting the final steel beam in place. The building is due to be finished next spring.

We also took a tour of the construction site, and played with some of the workers big, high-powered toys.

First, the building:

The cement walls have been poured, the steal beams are in place, and crews are wiring our future home with electricity.

The building is massive, 120 thousand square feet. We checked out the two news studios, which are massive just by themselves (two stories tall!).

One day very soon, we will be broadcasting Action News from there. And there won't be as much construction racket by then.

Every time you turn around, the workers are doing something different. They needed a hand mixing some of the cement, and we were happy to help out.

And having a breakfast sandwich with the guys was fun too. But time is of the essence! There was more work ahead.

Worker Stan Smith showed me how to operate "the Hammer." It is a big machine that punches into rock to break it apart. It is really powerful. And really fun to use.

Check it out by watching the video clip above.