Crews scramble to repair Jersey beaches

May 20, 2008 3:45:47 PM PDT
There's something missing from a number of communities at the Jersey Shore... the beach! Last week's Nor'easter dealt a devastating blow to already eroding shorelines. Now there's a major effort to get the beach back before the all important Memorial Day weekend.

As I stood with the Avalon Emergency Management Director high on a cliff over the ocean, I could see why the mad rush is on to repair a ten block stretch of beach that was ravaged by the recent Nor'easter. A steady stream of dump trucks dropped six-thousand tons of sand between 10th and 20th Streets, trying to create access ramps so people can get to the beach this weekend.

The crews have their work cut out for them. The storm damage was so substantial it exposed a sea wall, which used to sit under 10 or 12 feet of sand.

The story is the same on Long Beach Island, where bulldozers have been working in Brant Beach to shore up the dunes eaten away by the storm. The sand was washed right out from under the dune fencing.

Still local officials say when the weekend comes they will have a way for folks to get to the water.