Mothers jailed for Pa. fire that killed 5 children

May 22, 2008 8:21:01 AM PDT
Two Pittsburgh mothers will go to jail for one to two years on charges related to a house fire that killed five of their children while the women were at a bar.

Shakita Mangham and Furaha Love were also sentenced Thursday to five years' probation.

The 26-year-old mothers pleaded no contest in February to involuntary manslaughter for the June fire.

The women left the children in the care of two 8-year-old boys and initially told police the children were with a baby sitter. An investigation revealed they had lied.

Three of Mangham's children, aged three to seven, were killed in the fire. Two of Love's children were also killed. The 8-year-old boys escaped. Authorities say the fire was started by children playing with matches.