Mice spotted at FAO Schwartz are real

May 27, 2008 5:02:55 AM PDT

At least three mice were spotted scampering about FAO Schwartz' flagship store on Fifth Avenue. They were seen running around the stuffed animals and the candy jars.

Store manager William Butler told the Daily News that an exterminator would check for mice on Tuesday morning. He said there was "definitely" no mouse infestation. "It is not an issue whatsoever in the store," he added.

Janvi Mehta, 25, who watched the mice through one of the store's windows on Sunday night, told the newspaper's Tuesday editions that it was "ridiculous." "What if it goes into your stuffed toy and you bring it home?"

Lisa Bron, 31, said she hesitated to shop at the toy store because of the mice. "It's a health hazard because kids touch things, they like to put things in their mouth," the Brooklyn woman said.

Others were unfazed. "It's probably something most New York City stores have to deal with," said Orian Marx, 26, also of Brooklyn.