Fares going up & Attorney General warning

May 27, 2008 2:12:47 PM PDT
Gas prices in the Philadelphia five-county area shot up another six cents over the holiday weekend which means we have hit yet another record high and that's having an effect on everything from cab prices to airline prices.

More than 100 gas stations in the Philadelphia area are selling regular unleaded for more than 4-dollars a gallon. And cab drivers said it's affecting their bottom line.

"It's just totally outrageous and we cannot survive in this gas situation," said one cab driver.

On Tuesday the Philadelphia Parking Authority approved a 50-cent gas surcharge for all taxi trips including airport trips. And if you have more than one passenger on a trip to or from the airport to center city, you'll pay an additional dollar for each rider up to an additional three dollars. The new fees go into effect June 2nd.

It may also cost you more to fly. United Airlines raised roundtrip ticket prices 60-dollars over the weekend, American and Delta followed suit.

And Pennsylvania's Attorney General is warning consumers to watch for undisclosed fees some businesses may try to collect in connection with rising fuel and energy costs. Again, the issue is if those fuel surcharges are not clearly disclosed. You're urged to review your bills, invoices, and contracts carefully for fees you didn't authorize.

The A.G. said energy surcharges are being added to bills involving everything from pest control services and floral deliveries to vacation packages and cruises.

Also, look at posted gas prices carefully because some older pumps can't display a price over 3-dollars-99-cents. Pennsylvania is now going to allow some gas stations to display prices for half a gallon of gas. That price will just be multiplied by two before you pay.

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