Right Now On The Net

June 5, 2008 11:58:12 AM PDT
A website that helps sort through all kinds of other websites is topping our list of places to visit online this week. FILTER IT Time. Not something we have a lot of. That's why searching the internet for entertainment that's actually worth your time can be challenging----we'll rocker Peter Gabriel sympathizes with this quandary, that's why he's lending a helping hand.

Whether you're looking for entertainment or inspiration thefilter.com is pretty self- explanatory. It makes custom fits the Internet to your tastes. Here's how it works. Take a few minutes to fill out a few questions during your first visit and the website will pitch hours of entertainment that YOU actually find entertaining. LINK: http://www.thefilter.com


Speaking of time crunching, fast food was invented for a reason; it's fast. But unfortunately it's not so good for you. So if you don't have time to plan healthy dinners each week---whatsfordinner.net has you covered. The site posts recipes for every day of the week. Here's the cool part. Click on the ingredients you don't have and the site automatically produces a printable grocery list so you know what you need.

LINK: http://www.whatsfordinner.net


Here's a fun fact: The computer mouse was invented in 1969. People have been clicking ever since---now there's a research project called dontclick.it.. It forces you to navigate the site without clicking to get to certain areas of the site you'll find the habit is harder to break than you think. The site keeps track of statistics and is researching how people's navigation choice might change if the "click" is eliminated.

LINK: http://www.dontclick.it


OK, we've all been in this situation: It's Monday morning and you get called to a terribly boring meeting---similar to the one we've re-enacted with our 6abc producers. Now, crackberry.com has a way to numb the pain. The site that pegs itself as "everything blackberry" is featuring a program you can download that actually fake calls your blackberry. When you set it up you can mimic a cell phone call by not only ringing but providing a realistic incoming call graphic.

The program costs about 13 dollars to download.

LINK: http://software.crackberry.com/product.asp?id=19502&n=Fake-Call