Wireless Philly gets new lease on life

June 17, 2008 4:23:56 PM PDT
Philadelphia could become one big wireless hot spot after all and it could be free to consumers.Wireless Philly

A local investor group will now assume operation of Philadelphia's Wireless Initiative and its existing EarthLink infrastructure.

The group will enhance and expand the network and may support the network with advertising, which would mean individual consumers would get Free Wi-Fi.

Earthlink pulled the plug on the program after connection problems and low interest from subscribers.

"We now have the potential, though, to reach more people with this free network than any other city in America.

Another significant achievement for the city of Philadelphia," Mayor Michael Nutter said.

Mortgage Fraud New Jersey's Attorney General announced her office is suing 36 people for $5 million of alleged mortgage fraud.

The complaints accuse defendants of various schemes like inducing consumers to buy property based on false promises, and taking out mortgage loans based on grossly inflated property values.

One of the complaints was filed against Ultimate Real Estate Solutions of Williamstown and First Metropolitan Mortgage Services of Mount Laurel.

The lawsuit alleges the companies leased properties and collected money from rent-to-own consumers then failed to pay the mortgages resulting in the eviction of those consumers.

RecycleBank Some shoppers can now use the dollars they earn by recycling to buy things at their local grocery store.

Cherry Hill's three ShopRites have signed on as Reward Partners with the township's new recycling facilitator, RecycleBank.

A family can redeem RecycleBank points they earn for merchandise, food, entertainment, and now groceries at dozens of retailers and restaurants in Cherry Hill.

In the program, each participating family receives a RecycleBank cart to throw away all their recyclables. The cart has a microchip that measures the weight. The more you recycle, the more points you earn.