Soccer player accused of biting referee

<div class="meta image-caption"><div class="origin-logo origin-image none"><span>none</span></div><span class="caption-text">A spectator captured the moment as a player bit a referee&#39;s face </span></div>
June 20, 2008 7:19:52 PM PDT
A soccer player's bad conduct got him kicked out of a game. But it's the rage that followed the red card that sent police looking for him. A referee bears a mark of the player's fury on his face: bite marks.

Now the player accused of the attack is facing way more than just a soccer penalty.

"The charges will be felony assault, abuse of a sports official, harassment, and terroristic threats," said New Castle County Police Cpl. Trinidad Navarro.

He is 28-year old Rannord Jones, a soccer player who didn't want to talk about what happened at Weiss Park near Newark, Del. moments after a referee ejected him from a soccer game Thursday.

Police say Jones literally took a bite out of the ref.

Jones turned himself in to face charges Friday, but when police arrived at the scene the man wearing Number 5 for a team called Fulhundred was nowhere to be found.

"When the officers arrived it was easy to find the victim because he had a cloth over his chin, which was covered in blood," said Navarro.

"The referee had a pretty big bite on his chin and a pretty big cut on the bottom," said soccer player Rob Traynor.

Traynor says his team was up by two goals when Jones was thrown out of the game. "Jones approached the referee with his fists clinched. The official tried to back away and deescalate the situation. Unfortunately the player then grabbed the official by the shoulders, pulled him in towards him, and then bit him," said Navarro.

Traynor says the attack won't score any points with fans.

"It sets a bad example for the kids, too. There's a ton of people around playing soccer, little kids on the jungle gym and obviously kids watching their father play."

Those who play in this league tell me Jones' team has a reputation for playing rough. One source saying so far this season three players have been ejected.