Mysterious lights in the British skies

June 26, 2008 7:14:26 AM PDT
Mysterious lights in the sky? Some British soldiers thought they might be UFOs.

Britain's Ministry of Defense has received numerous reports of a squadron of mysterious rotating, cube-like UFOs this month, including one from a soldier who used his mobile phone to record video footage of the suspected space visitors.

A Ministry of Defense spokesman confirms that military officials had investigated the reports to make sure there was no hostile military action threatening the United Kingdom.

The Sun tabloid has reported that an "Alien Army" was gathering above the seemingly tranquil British countryside.

But there could well have been a more earthly explanation, like about a hundred blazing Chinese lanterns released at a wedding party down the road from the sighting.

The lanterns are a new craze in England. Once they are lit, the small lanterns rise into the sky, much like hot air balloons.